Masstige Delivery Service


Fresh lunch, or next week's dinner.

Masstige Delivery Service is a collaboration effort between Chefs and Clients. We make, like the name entails, the meal you order. You just need to finish it by using an oven or stove. 


Because Masstige is fresh. 

At Masstige, ingredients are fresly bougth and made daily with gosto for top quality meals. That’s why we don’t finish your plates in our kitchen, leaving for you the final touch. If they were cooked time and time again, nutrients would leave, and flavor would diminish at each heating. Not something we want to happen.


Masstige process is divided in 4 steps: You're in the last one!



In our menu nothing is out of place. 

 This means constantly rearranging our meals to have the freshest ingredients all year round. First, we need to understand the life cycle of each plate. Secondly, one must know the best caterers. There is a need for frequent travel. 



After the journey comes the creation. 

The chefs take charge of the operation. Like a restaurant, they make the meal on the website. An order drops, and the prepping starts. But with a huge difference. We don’t finish it. 



Homecoming food! 

Our team of chefs is specialized against roadside evils. The packaging avoids any possible leaks during travel. Timings are controlled with English punctuality to keep the meal’s flavor.



When the meal arrives at the delivery spot, it’s time to turn on the oven or stove. Don’t worry: Here are the 3 near made meals commandments! 


  1. You shall not use the microwave. 

Oven or stone, what else? 


  1. Heating takes 20 to 30 minutes. 

No more, no less. 


  1. The seasoning is as it is supposed to be. 

Don’t add anything to the meal. 


These recommendations apply to our frozen meals. After the natural defrosting- leaving the food at room temperature for a long while- it’s ready for the oven or stove.

Although made to be consumed later, is still near made. The quality continues, with a touch of comfort.